Enhancing Lives Exceeding Expectations
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Enhancing Lives Exceeding Expectations
Our Mission

MEDS is dedicated to enhancing the lives of its students and their clients by empowering them with quality education while encouraging each individual to recognize their own value and worth. To fulfill this goal, MEDS embraces the following three objectives as part of its mission:

1. Provide our students complete and up to date instruction in order to successfully achieve
    state certification in their chosen training program.

a. Instructors are dedicated to teaching the state regulated curriculum in
    concise, easy to understand formats.
b. Instructors bring real life experiences and personal accounts into the
    classroom to make learning interesting and memorable.
c. The clinical instruction component is experienced in facilities that
    demonstrate an exceptional level of care that is documented by state

2. Promote a sense of pride and respect in each student for the services provided by allied
    healthcare professionals.

a. Raise public awareness as to the critical need for qualified,
    well-trained allied healthcare professionals.
b. Elevate and improve the accepted standard of practice by and for
c. Proudly affirm CNA’s to be a vital part of the healthcare community.

3. Lead our students by exemplifying exceptional and ethical practices that upholds the
    dignity of the nursing profession.

a. The safety and welfare of the patient is always the first priority in
    every situation.
b. The responsibility to provide for patient safety and welfare does not
    stop when a shift ends.
c. The importance of getting to know and understand each patient as a
    person is a critical part of providing quality care.

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