Our staff is a team of spiritually guided servant leaders who are devoted to partnering with our students to create an individualized learning experience. MEDS founder and many of our instructors  began as CNA’s. MEDS instructors are an engaged and energetic group  of healthcare educators who have a passion for nursing and a vast variety of experience to share with our students.   As dedicated nursing professionals we set high standards and lead by example.  MEDS staff strives to expand our mission and continue to serve our students at the highest level.  Perhaps Florence Nightingale said it best... “Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses…we must be learning all our lives.” May our words, hands and feet deliver the intentions of minds, hearts and spirits as we serve, teach and learn from each other.


Our students share their story of the role and value of our current staff:

Instructors were great teachers. I never had someone like them that believed in me…I respect them on all levels.  You rock”  LR


“The energy, tough love push and encourages you not to fail and to be all you can be… AWESOME” CB



Ginger Coleman, RN, NHA

Executive Director

Mary LaPlante, MSN, RN

Clinical Director




Tracy Levengood, BSN, RN



Brooke Wangwe, LPN

Robbie Templeton, RN

Chris Baer,