About MEDS

The Paraprofessional Training Programs through MEDS offers individuals who have a desire to provide direct patient care with quality education at affordable rates. These caregivers would include individuals caring for family members at home, nursing and medical students, individuals wishing to re-enter the work force, and those who wish to enhance their healthcare careers. By enhancing lives through quality education, MEDS will exceed the expectations of the healthcare industry, our students, and most of all the patients our students serve.

Unique To Meds


The Students On Staff (SOS) Program is a unique concept that offers solutions to staffing and placement issues for facilities, home health agencies, and students. When a participating facility or agency has an open position, they can recruit from the MEDS pool of graduates rather than advertise or hire from placement agencies. Students get top consideration for available positions while facilities save valuable time and money. For more information call 816 373-MEDS (6337).



The Staff ‘N’ Student Mentoring Program partners students with an experienced staff member and a State-approved Clinical Supervisor for the required clinical hours. Students learn first-hand proper procedures and techniques while assisting with daily tasks and responsibilities.