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Partnering with you for an individualized educational experience that provides encouragement and builds empowerment to develop skills that open doors to your healthcare employment.

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Education that enhances today so that you can make tomorrow better and have employment opportunities that exceeds your expectations for the future.

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Medical Education Development & Support, LLC

Invest in your future and move beyond a job into a healthcare career. In as little as 8 weeks you can transform your ambitions of being a valued healthcare professional into reality. MEDS offers affordable day, evening and weekend classes that will open the doors to an in demand and rewarding career in the heart of healthcare. The high demand for qualified direct care givers provides CNA’s, CMT’s and PCT’s with an abundance of career opportunities in hospitals, nursing communities, agencies, and throughout the healthcare industry. Your MEDS CNA, CMT or PCT training is recognized by leading healthcare providers in the Kansas City metropolitan area and will be your first step into building an exciting and fulfilling healthcare career path.  Call today!


Upcoming Classes

CNA Classes

*Class days subject to change due to inclement weather


March 10 to April 30              

Tuesdays & Thursdays        

4:00 pm - 9:30 pm   

If utilizing the payment plan, payments are as follows:

$500.00 due upon registration

$300.00 due on March 17

$300.00 due on March 31



March 26 to June 11


8:00 am - 3:30 pm

If utilizing the payment plan, payments are as follows:

$500.00 due upon registration

$300.00 due on April 2

$300.00 due on April 16









CMT Classes

*Class days subject to change due to inclement weather


April 8 to June 12


8:00 am - 3:30 pm

If utilizing the payment plan, payments are as follows:

$475.00 due upon registration

$250.00 due on April 15

$250.00 due on April 29






Step 1

Review the Student Handbook

Step 2

Complete Registration Form and send ID copies to MEDS.

Step 3

Invest in your future with our interest FREE CNA or CMT payment plan.


Uniquely MEDS

About MEDS

The Paraprofessional Training Programs through MEDS offers individuals who have a desire to provide direct patient care with quality education at affordable rates. These caregivers would include individuals caring for family members at home, nursing and medical students, individuals wishing to re-enter the work force, and those who wish to enhance their healthcare careers. By enhancing lives through quality education, MEDS will exceed the expectations of the healthcare industry, our students, and most of all the patients our students serve.

Our Mission

MEDS would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to call us at 816-373-6337 prior to registration to ensure all of your questions are answered. Click here to view all frequently asked questions.

HERE is what our STUDENTS say

We were able to see and do every skill... I feel well prepared.

I enjoyed this program a lot! 


My instructors made me feel comfortable and made sure I knew what I was doing. They were great!


Everyone learned as a team BUT…

Challenging, engaging and jammed packed with helpful info.

I enjoyed my time here..I have learned a lot not only about this material but learned to appreciate life and be more loving to others around me.  I have grown close to the residents and they have become my reason to get up every morning.

The energy, tough love push, encouragement to not fail and to be all you can be is AWESOME.


This class exceeded my expectations.   Thank you for your patience, sharing your stories, experience and knowledge in a way that was easy to follow and understand.

This program and instructors are AMAZING!!  I would recommend MEDS to anyone looking for a career as a CNA.  I’m looking forward to coming back and going through the CMT Program.


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New Look for MEDS!

MEDS is excited, we are getting a new look! As we continue to grow and improve our student experience, we want our website to accurately reflect what we believe while offering our students more user-friendly options and services. A simple 3 step online registration with online tuition payment options has been added to make it…