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Enhancing Lives Exceeding Expectations
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Certified Nursing Assistant Course

Day Classes:     If you sign up for our Sep 27th class, give the code

                                                     CNA's  ROCK

                           when you register and receive a $25.00 discount!!                                                                     

                      Sep 27 to Dec 20            Thursdays                 8:00am to 3:30pm


Evening Classes:        

                       Oct 23 to Dec 18             Tues & Thurs           4:00pm to 9:30pm


Weekend Classes

                       Nov 10 to Feb 9                Saturdays                 8:00am to 3:30pm


 ELIGIBILITY for C.N.A. CLASSES:   Students must be at least 18 years of age or older, must pass background checks, must have 2 negative TB tests or 1 negative chest x-ray or 1 negative blood draw for TB and score 75% or better on the TABE Reading Test given the first day of class.

For students with a sponsorship, we offer a CNA Enhanced program.




Certified Medication Technician Course


Applicants must take and pass the TABE BEFORE they will be accepted in the class. Call for days/times and additional information.  


The TABE test is given on Fridays at 10:00am


ELIGIBILITY for C.M.T. CLASSES:   To enroll for this class, Qualified Missouri C.N.A.'s MUST be on the MO Registry and employed for at least 6 months, have a HS Diploma or GED, and a letter of recommendation from your nursing facility.
























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